Become a Force to Be Reckoned With Using Your Starcraft 2 Maps Guide!

There are basically three kinds of maps available for all levels of players. There are the “scenario” maps, the “campaign” maps and there are also maps for multi-player games. Not what you would normally expect, the best maps for beginners would be the multiplayer maps, ideal for those who may have a friend that they would like to play the game with to become familiarized with the world of Starcraft 2.As well as suiting various types of play, your map will also play a large part in determining the various success rates you might experience. As an example let’s look at the maps for 1v1 game play. 1v1 is one player versus one other player, and the maps for this type of play are very small in comparison to others.

Because of the size of the map and the fact that in this type of play there are only 2 starting points, one for you and one for your enemy, you can see clearly from the outset where your opponent is located. There is no “scouting” required on this type of map. Of course, if you can see where your opponent is, then he or she can also see where you are, and due to the size of the map, it does not take long to reach your opponent. The strategy of “rushing” can be very effective in these types of games.

As opposed to the small 1v1 maps where rushing is extremely effective, the larger scale maps render the strategy almost useless. In the larger 1v1 maps, some have as many as 4 starting points, as well as the fact that they can have a large space between combatant locations. Although rushing on these larger maps is very ineffective, other more risky strategies like “air rushes” can be extremely rewarding. Using a good Starcraft 2 maps guide is a great way to gain experience in the various types of maneuvers that can be beneficial using any size map.

No matter what map you elect to use, you will find that they are all very carefully arranged so that a balanced game is possible. The standard rules of the Starcraft 2 game apply to all maps in this series, and you have the choice of playing against yourself, or playing against other players. If you prefer to play a single player game, there is always the Melee map. Again this map is best explained in any good Starcraft 2 maps guide, and basically provides you the ability to play against a number of computer generated opponents. With this class of map you can also select the Free-for-All mode of play which allows you to fight against all of your computer based opposition.

With the internet at your fingertips it is very easy to find many good Starcraft 2 maps guide online. Select one that has great reviews and learn as much as you can about the role yo

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