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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, is as the name suggests, all about war, and not just any war for that matter, but the war that is as old as time itself: the war between good and evil. Whether you ally yourself with the Armies of Destruction or with the Armies of Order, whether you are one of the illustrious High Elves or a fierce Greenskin, you know that battles can only be won through intense study and not rash judgment. Thus, making yourself familiar with the Top WAR Online Maps Warcamp Maps Guide would definitely help you gain an advantage against your opponents and possibly win you the war.

The first of the Warhammer online warcamp maps that I would like to tell you about will show you the way to the Nordland War Camp. From the starting area, this camp can be reached by heading north and traveling until you find the Grey Lady. Once you find her, head northeast until you see a path on the right side of the road. Look for a dwarf in his kiosk and you will find the Nordland War Camp.

The second map shows the Blighted Isle High Elf Camp. To reach the Blighted Isle, the map will show you that you have to walk south from the starting area of High Elves. Just continue until you reach Chapter 2 until you reach the beach. There will be a sign on the road pointing to two directions. This indicates that you are near the isle. You will find a flight master near a ship on the bay.

The third of the warcamp maps will show you how to reach the Ekrund War Camp. It is a short but dangerous path to take for Dwarves. From the starting area, take the road on the right. You will pass by a bridge (with orcs and gobbos), and a Public Quest fortress. You would have to go through a tunnel and you will see a brewery on the right. You will be met by goblins near the rail tracks and you best avoid them. Head up the hill to find the flight master there.

The fourth war camp map will lead you the way towards Norsca, the first Chaos camp. Just follow the path surrounding the hill in front of a portal, and then head south. You will find a big sweep on the right before you finally get into the Nordland lands.

The fifth of the Warhammer online maps – warcamp maps is similar with that of the Dwarves, in that for Greenskins to reach it, they would have to pass many dangers. To reach Mount Bloodhorn, the map will tell you that you need to head north and then west from the starting point. You will meet human thugs, run into a public quest, and other dangerous creatures. But if you keep true to the path, you’ll eventually reach the camp.

The last of the Top WAR Online Maps Warcamp Maps Guide leads to the Blighted Isle of the Dark Elves. Just head south and then right. This is perhaps the easiest path to travel.

Knowledge of these maps would be very helpful at the start of your game and later on, as you get more familiar with the Warhammer world. So don’t hesitate to use them. They might mean life and death to you.

Do you want to start out one step ahead of everyone else in Warhammer Online and always keep it that way?

Do you want to start out one step ahead of everyone else in Warhammer Online and always keep it that way?

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